1st seminar ! Apply!

For those who want to be part of these seminars and want to experience the art of blogging in all of its aspects (fashion , travel , business , start up etc)

What we will do ?

The seminars are online for those who are worldwide and want to learn how to blog and the secrets of blogging. For those in Greece who want to be part of this academy we will make a seminar when the number of people will be completed.

What will it contains?

The e-learning seminar as well as the face to face seminar it will contains the lessons below.

  1. The history of blogging.
  2. Theory of Communication
  3. How blogging changed the way businesses work.
  4. Social media and blogging.
  5. How to make a blog /the beginner’s guide (blogger , wordpress, wix, ticktail etc)
  6. How to monetize your blog.
  7. For companies- how to work with bloggers -know their secrets and their techniques.
  8. For companies – give you a list of bloggers to start your promotions.
  9. For companies -advice you on your promotion -pr plan
  10. How to make a PR plan based on your blog. (How to promote your blog)
  11. How to promote your products in tictail
  12. How to promote an eshop
  13. How to make a brandname
  14. How to be an excellent photographer
  15. Case studies

Δείτε εδώ το FAQ !

The first 5 are obligatory .

For individuals you have to choose 3 more to become 8.

For companies you have to select which ones you want.

Hurry up cause we have few positions left!

Apply today!



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