How to be a fashion blogger?

Blogging in general has been a hobby for many fashionable women worldwide. Now it is becoming more than that. If you are a blog , you have  an extra benefit for standing in the work field because you experience many fields of work when you are a blogger.


What we mean ?

The PR field

  • because you go to events and you meet people who work in the industry , you tend to communicate through various channels.

The social media manager job

  • because you tend to post on your all social media channels on a daily basis

Fashion Management

  • Know how fashion works

Be a public face

  • because many people see you.

Now the strategic management

Be a model

Be a stylist

Be a pioneer

Experience with every technological evolution

Be creative

Be an editor

and many more things !


And because you are all of those things , you deserve a job in your work field !

Stay tuned and learn from the best !

pictures from bing



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